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Bowler Profile

Name: Rich Vogel
Hand: Right
USBC Number: 995-6527





Brunswick - T-Zone

Surface: OOB

My spare ball; red/black/gold color scheme

Storm - Hy-Road Pearl

First new piece in post-COVID era; will add layout & surface later

Storm - Tropical Breeze

Drilling: 5 5/8" X 4"
Surface: 1500 polished (OOB)

Black/teal color scheme; pin over bridge, CG kicked out

Other - High Voltage (Retired)

Drilling: 3" X 4"
Surface: 1500 polished

One of the last balls Circle made before they were bought out. I had rough buff finish on this ball @ one time, but it would burn up when I played outside on the house shot, so I polished it back up.

Storm - Alpha Crux (Retired)

Drilling: 75° X 4.5" X 30°
Surface: 4000 Abralon

Recently redrilled with my speed and the house shot in mind. Pin buffer is 4.5" X 6" X 2"

Storm - Fast (Retired)

Drilling: 5" X 4 3/4"
Surface: 1500 polished

Replaces the High Voltage in my bag. Drilling may be edited when driller measures it out, but pin was drilled out for ring finger.

Storm - Hy-Road (Retired)

Drilling: 3 3/8" X 2 1/2", weight hole on axis
Surface: 1500 polished

Stacked leverage drilling; what passes for my benchmark ball right now.

Storm - IQ Tour Fusion (Retired)

Drilling: 4.5" X 3.5" X 1.25" (weight hole on axis)
Surface: 1500 polished

Ball purchased as an update for my Hy-Road.

Storm - Marvel Pearl (Retired)

Drilling: 5" X 4 3/4"
Surface: 1500 polished

Meant for heavier volume house shots. Layout is like my Fast (pin in ring finger).

Storm - Reign of Fire (Retired)

Drilling: 3 1/2" X 5"; weight hole
Surface: 1000 Abralon (OOB)

Stacked leverage; used mainly on long/heavy house shots

Storm - Virtual Gravity Nano (Retired)

Drilling: 4.5" X 4.5"
Surface: 4000 Abralon (OOB)

First-use ball for long/heavy oil or for playing the deep-in on my THS; layout is pin under ring finger, MB kicked out