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Site update - 2011/09/06

The site has just been updated to support a wider range of mobile devices. Everything should now flow seamlessly between smartphones, computer, and even tablets. Please use the feedback link if you have any suggestions or problems!

Breakpoints are in! - 2009/09/10

The updates are finished. Next game you add, you'll see a couple of new checkboxes - you can now decide whether or not you want to track "actual" boards hit, breakpoints, both, or neither. You can also set defaults for your future games by editing your profile. Use the Feedback link in the menu if you have any ideas or problems related to the new feature, and thanks again for using BowlSK!

Update Coming... - 2009/09/10

I'll be updating the site momentarily with a long-awaited (by some) feature. If you experience any problems, please hit the Feedback page to let me know right away so I can take care of it. Thanks, and I'll let you know when it's all ready to go ;)

A Quick Intermediate Mode Update... - 2009/06/25

Just a quick note, a few of you had reported problems with the statistics in Intermediate mode not generating correctly. Thanks for the error reports! Everything should be in working order now - when you save a new game in Intermediate mode, your stats for that series should update right away.

4 Months Already? - 2009/02/25

4 months since the last news post... it seems more like 4 days. Several small improvements has been made to site in that time, but this one is big enough that it deserved a fresh post!

Drumroll please...


Introducing... Intermediate entry mode!

Next time you add a game, you'll see a new item between your old favorites, Simple and Advanced. It's still officially beta, but it is pretty solid, and I couldn't wait to get it into your hands. Please let me know if you have any problems with it, or if it's just what the doctor ordered - either way, it's your feedback that drives the site! (P.S. if the game stretches way across the screen, try pressing Ctrl+F5 to completely reload the page.)

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  • Threw the ball SO much better tonight, despite missing a 10 pin and chopping a ... view
    by Alan Westendorf
  • While I'm still the worst bowler who ever lived, I have figured out how to ... view
    by Jim H
  • Yet another night of shitty carry, some poor execution, mental breakdowns and horrible spare shooting. ... view
    by Alan Westendorf
  • What a drastic difference from night to night. Can't keep bowling like this, it's driving ... view
    by Alan Westendorf
  • "Consistency by inconsistency" view
    by Rich Vogel
  • Best I felt I have thrown the ball in a long time. Plus it helps ... view
    by Alan Westendorf
  • Retro night tonight. These lanes have been getting progressively drier as we've gone along. Even ... view
    by bigcall1
  • Some of this was shaking the rust off of my "B" game, but that got ... view
    by Rich Vogel
  • Three opens on the night - All single pins so left 33 sticks on the ... view
    by Alan Westendorf
  • Nice bounceback from last week. I brought my mid-80's vintage urethane Angle with me just ... view
    by bigcall1

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