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Bowler Profile

Name: Chris Marasti-Georg
Hand: Right
USBC Number: 2061-21053






Drilling: 3 3/8", weight hole on PAP
Surface: 2000

Great benchmark ball, but 16 lbs

Brunswick - Avalanche Solid

Drilling: 90° x 3 3/8" x 30°
Surface: 4000

Stores tons of energy and unloads at the breakpoint. Beautiful on the house shot at Miracle.

Brunswick - C System Ultimax

Brunswick - Total Inferno

Drilling: 5 1/4"
Surface: 1000

High pin on this ball, so it really unloads when it hits the dry. Will roll out on short patterns, or patterns with lighter oil, but hits very nice on longer oil.

Ebonite - Big One

Drilling: 5 3/4", weight hole down and right of PAP
Surface: 1000 + High Polish

Moderate length, good snap. Nice ball for THS, as long as there's enough oil to keep it from rolling out.

Ebonite - Mission

Drilling: 60°x4 1/4"x40° P2.5 hole
Surface: 2000 abralon


MoRich - MOjave

Drilling: 80°x5"x50°
Surface: 4000 + Polish

Super-dry lane ball

Storm - IQ Tour Nano

Drilling: 40 x 4 x 60

Storm - Second Dimension

Storm - T Road Solid

Drilling: 75° x 4 1/2" x 30°
Surface: 2000

Track - 505C2

Drilling: 60x4x40
Surface: Box

Track - 714C

Brunswick - Black Amber Zone (Retired)

Drilling: 6", weight hole right of PAP

Another 16lber, used on super dry stuff. Would love to find another ball like it in 15 - I could rip on it, over-rotate, hit the dry, and it would never over-react.

Brunswick - Nexxus (Retired)

Ebonite - Infinite One (Retired)

Drilling: 4", weight hole down and right of PAP
Surface: 1000

Good first ball on heavy oil. Good length, good snap if it the lane allows it to push.

Roto-Grip - Cell (Retired)

Drilling: 20° x 5 1/2" x 70°
Surface: 1000

Strong ball with a weaker drilling. I really like this one on longer patterns. It helps you stay outside, picking up a really heavy roll and reacting very evenly to the dry. A very controllable drilling, this one does just what my hand tells it to, no more.