Changed over my balls tonight. Left the Terminator and Dynamic Power home. Reloaded the BigRBang and the new Black Diamond


Game 1

Score: 217
Pair: 7-8

Started with the VG, and put it away in frame 3. Pulled out my BRB. It rolled much better. The shot is similar to the Chameleon, and has a tendency to change. The VG was too over/under early. The BRB can handle the oil much better, even with 8 bowlers using many different balls and lines. Finished with a clean game.

Game 2

Score: 195
Pair: 7-8

Had 2 opens in this game. An early washout, when the ball slipped off my hand, and an open 10th, when I left the 4-6-7-9-10, and threw the ball in the gutter in disgust. The BRB is starting to over react. I will try my new BD in game 3.

Game 3

Score: 204
Pair: 7-8

Black Diamond Starting on the left side with a 2-8-10, then X on the right. Then a 10, then a X. The 5th found a solid 9 pin. This ball is crushing the pocket, and has nothing to show for it. I stayed on the same line on lane 8 and got a X. Then I completely moved right on and crossed over for a X. Followed up with another X. Another 10 pin. Then in the 10th, I needed a mark to win the game and h2h, I rammed it for a 4-9. But, picked it up for the win.


Overall Stats

Games 3  
Average 205.3 205.3


Dennis Michael

2009/09/01 6:48 a.m.

I'm going to like the Black Diamond. I get the length I want, and the finish I want. It is strong enough to roll over the tracks in game 3, and I can play outside instead of moving left. And, this suits me just fine. I think I can bounce it too. Just don't like that, but did try it in practice. I should just keep it long and tight, and use it when it is needed. I'm not going to fight the bigger turning balls in this league. It isn't worth it. Just go with the lane condition, which still has me baffled a little. It changes through the night. On my team, the leadoff spins the ball straight up 10, but is carrying 225 after 2 weeks. Second is the 20+mph straight bowler. Fortunately, the 3rd bowler is a solid 205 down and in type who keeps my speed down.

The team has a good make-up of personalities, and we actually are having fun. So far, I am not even noticing what the game score is, nor my own score. Mainly because I can't read he overhead score without glasses, and I don't use them to bowl. This will help my focus. At the end of the night, I had to ask what I bowled, because i really didn't know.

But, with a 30 point nightly system, I can see where a team can really move up or down quickly in standings. The team we bowled only took 10 points last week, and we gave up only 3 tonight, so they have 13. We have 44 and are about 5th. Top teams can really outpace the league, but can lose 30 points in a night.

Chris Marasti-Georg

2009/09/01 3:57 p.m.

Picking up a 4-9 for the win is a pretty great feeling, congrats. Glad you found the length you were looking for - maybe now you can take on the Viper!

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