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Name: Dennis Michael
Hand: Right





Hammer - Nasty

Drilling: Pin at 5" from PAP

First 15# ball purchased. Ball is strong, but not for and oil quantity. It is a soaker, too. 15#.

Lane Masters - Widow Maker

Drilling: Stacked
Surface: Hybrid

Lane Masters - XTreme Damage

Drilling: Leveraged
Surface: 1200 polished

Steady ball with a strong arc. Most reliable on carry down. 15#

Legends - Terminator 15#

Drilling: 5" pin to PAP, cg in center
Surface: 600 grit sanded

Just got this ball drilled tonight

Roto-Grip - Cell Pearl

Drilling: Pin on RF Stacked
Surface: 1200 Abralon

Ball gets a little stronger back end with some length. First 15# ball

Brunswick - Scorrhin Inferno (Retired)

Drilling: Label
Surface: 600 Grit sanded

233 avg over 9 games in regional

Lane Masters - BigRBang (Retired)

Drilling: Stacked
Surface: polished

2-299 games Back to back 278-279

Lane Masters - Conqueror (Retired)

Drilling: Stacked
Surface: Polished

Heaviest oil ball 299 game

Lane Masters - Dynamic Power (Retired)

Drilling: pin under
Surface: 600

Lane Masters - Terminator (Retired)

Drilling: leveraged
Surface: Polished

2-300, 299, 805 Back to back 279-289

Legends - Black Diamond (Retired)

Drilling: 5' pin to PAP, cg on center line
Surface: 2000 polished

MoRich - TS&A (Retired)

Drilling: Label
Surface: 400 grit sanded

Storm - Shift (Retired)

Drilling: leveraged
Surface: pearlized

Storm - Virtual Gravity (Retired)

Drilling: Pin over fingers 2", cg center of grip
Surface: OOB

Had the span shortened by 1/4"