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Went to use my new Dynamic Power. Will start with it.


Game 1

Score: 189
Pair: 5-6

Another bowler was talking to his Coach and they were saying to use an outside line on this shot. I started with a crushing strike from my normal 25-13-8. But, for some reason, I moved too. Mistake. The DP was way too strong from out there.

Game 2

Score: 244
Pair: 5-6

I went back to 25 over 12 to 8. Started with a spare, then ran off 6. While my neighbor was still struggling, I was stringing. On the final ball in the tenth, I hurt my hip, and just stood at the foul line for a while. I am going to the Doctor tomorrow. So far, it looks like an operation is in order. This is another opinion

Game 3

Score: 204
Pair: 5-6

Changed to my BRB and moved outside. Stood 18 over 10 to 8. A couple of misses left the ball out too far. Some 7 counts with 1-2-4 and 1 washout. But, for the most part, the ball worked really well. I wouldn't use anything stronger on this pattern.

Since, my hip hurt on every ball, I just stopped, even though I had paid for 6 games.


Overall Stats

Games 3  
Average 212.3 212.3


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