The good, I did control my arm swing much better tonight.

The bad, I think I found out what roll out means.


Game 1

Score: 192
Pair: 23-24

Started X X 10 pin / X and it went down hill from there. 2 very ugly splits that looked a little high and just took out the middle. I expected a 4-7 or at worse case a 6-10. But not both.

The Black Diamond was in the pocket almost every ball, but just didn't carry. 9 9 9 9

Game 2

Score: 189
Pair: 23-24

Again, I had a couple of 10 pins to start, missed 1 to the left. Then a pocket 7-10. Couple of 9 counts and another 7-10 in the pocket.

Switched to the BigRBang. Got a strike then the 9's again. Never got the good strikes. But, I lived pretty close.

Game 3

Score: 192
Pair: 23-24

Started with the BRB X 9/ X 9/ X, then I moved for a 4-6-10.

Switched to the Terminator, rolled a double, then high for a 6-10 which I cherried the 6. Double 9 in the 10th.

Just couldn't get untracked.


Overall Stats

Games 3  
Average 191 191


Dennis Michael

2009/10/13 8:22 a.m.

Afterwards, it was mentioned that all of my balls were rolling out and hitting weak. No matter where I moved or changed my release, the results were the same all night. I was standing 25-27 mostly, targeting 13-15 and getting good length on all balls. But, they just didn't finish well.

Maybe tonight would have been better with the VG cause it has a little snap on the end. I will never know. I could have left more splits, too.

Well, if that was the case, it happened to the entire team as our scores were 579-573-569-559. The other team had 2 straight bowlers who both shot 700 against us. Our straight bowler was our high man. Are these guys screwing with the oil?

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