They have me at anchor. I've not been an anchor on a regular basis before. We'll see.


Game 1

Score: 230
Pair: 17-18

Started with the Virtual Gravity. It was rolling really nicely on this shot. A solid 9 pin and a 7 pin on a buried shot prevented this from being a really good score. First frame, I picked a 6 off of a 6-10 with my spare ball. The ball had a tail, and shouldn't have. The back end has been stripped, and it grabs

Game 2

Score: 220
Pair: 17-18

This may have been a 217, I don't remember. I don't look at scores much, just the winning totals. The VG is holding well.

The ball dove the final 2 frames, telling me the lanes are going dry.

Game 3

Score: 150
Pair: 17-18

Started, chop, X, Split, X, miss a 10. What a way to begin. Finished with a Pocket 7-10. Fitting end to a horrible game.

The Terminator is too strong for this pattern, in the third game. Played outside/inside, moved almost every ball. I trusted it, couldn't hold it. Need a lesser ball. Maybe should have used the BRB? I'll find out next week


Overall Stats

Games 3  
Average 200 200


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