Bowlers > John K > Show Me the Money > Wk6-13/14 (2008-09-30)


Tried a 5 step tonight and tried the Morich style pushaway. Was hitting my mark more often. It's going to take awhile to get used to it though. Not a bad first game, but started missing easy spares after that. Shot 26 over 12. Started off with the Bite and switched to beat'n in 3rd game. 13-14


Game 1

Score: 214
Pair: 13-14


Game 2

Score: 170
Pair: 13-14

[13] Missed too many spares.

Game 3

Score: 156
Pair: 13-14

[14] Missed spares. Split in the 10th!


Overall Stats

Games 3  
Average 180 180


Chris Marasti-Georg

2008/10/02 9:23 a.m.

Not bad - those missed spares will kill you! Did you use the brace again this week?

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