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Bowler Profile

Name: Cesar Benitez
Hand: Right




Roto-Grip - No rules

Drilling: 500 grit polished

Storm - Code Black

1000 grit polished

Storm - IQ Tour Fusion

Drilling: 2" below finger
Surface: 2000 grit abralon polished

Storm - Mix

Drilling: Flat (For spare)
Surface: Out of box

Roto-Grip - No Rules (Retired)

Surface: 2000 grit abralon

Storm - Code Black (Retired)

Surface: 1500-grit Polished Factory Finish

1. 500-grit Abralon pad - Sand for 15 seconds on all four sides 2. Grey Scotch-Brite (800-1000) pad - Sand for 40 seconds on all four sides 3. Storm Step Two - Polish lightly for 15 seconds on two sides Storm suggests repeating Steps 2 and 3 from above every 20 to 30 games or repeating all steps 60-to 80 games

Storm - IQ Tour Gold (Retired)

Drilling: 1" below finger
Surface: 3000 grit abralon with polish