Bowlers > Brian Longo > Scratch Classic > Week 4 (2008-10-06)


Tough night mentally - I really wasn't in it at all but managed to bowl relatively well. My main concern was trying to stay consistently slow, and I actually managed to do that.


Game 1

Score: 188
Pair: 17-18

Really struggled here. I was stroking the ball in practice and then *WHAM* - the scorers come on and I suddenly forget how to bowl. It was somewhat frustrating, especially since I missed a 10 pin (*$%^#@!!!!!). I was able to strike out in the 10th, though, so that salvaged something. 3 opens, though - not too happy about that. I was not too confident in the line and I didn't feel like I could play as inside as I was and be consistent. The last ball in the 10th I pulled out my Xcel Pearl (drilled for more roll and less chance for overreaction). The fill ball in the 10th wasn't pretty, but I got a good look, anyhow.

Game 2

Score: 223
Pair: 17-18

A clean game. Struggled to find the line on 17 as 18 was ok. I was about 3/4 of a board off (soft 2 pin leaves twice), but once I moved a 1/2 board right and 8" back I was striking. I actually left the 2-10 the second ball in the 10th and got the 2 pin. Anyhow...this game was good mainly because it was clean, but I was stroking the ball with confidence.

Game 3

Score: 186
Pair: 17-18

This game? Oh, not so good. I started out like crap. The Xcel Pearl was fighting me (or was I fighting it?) and I had to put it away. I pulled out my Puma - not a wise choice. I struggled with it and left some unsavory stuff before I put it back in my back and pulled the Pearl back out. I was at 87 in the 6th frame and nearly managed to squeeze out a 6, but a "low 10" (6 went low around the 10) in the 9th frame cost me a chance for a 600. Finished up by striking out in the 10th - all lasers to the pocket.


Overall Stats

Games 3  
Average 199 199


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