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Bowler Profile

Name: Brian Longo
Hand: Right



Brunswick - Command Zone

Drilling: 4 1/2" X 4 1/2"
Surface: Box

Pin on ball used for drier conditions and quirky midlanes.

Ebonite - Puma

Drilling: 3 1/2 label
Surface: 800 wet sand

8 years old and still the ball I trust the most.

Ebonite - Xcel Pearl

Drilling: 5" 75 degree pin low
Surface: 800 wet sand

Knocked the surface down as it had too much skid and not enough pop

Ebonite - Xxxcel

Drilling: 4 1/4" 75 degree
Surface: Box (1000 grit abralon)

Go-to ball for 3 years - no surface tweaks or cleanings and is still strong.