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Much better overall. The first game stunk but it could've been worse. I was very pleased with my shotmaking overall and I seemed to get better as the night wore on, so a definite sign of improvement was seen.

If I can duplicate this feel I had tonight, I will be back near the top where I belong in relatively short fashion. There are few who can beat me on tight shots because I've learned not to beat myself. If I can hold my head in the right place after last week, and not let a 2 open in 3 frame spell affect me for long (such as I had the first game), then my mental game is really strengthening. I need to keep things in perspective and keep working on my mental game as hard as I work on my physical game.

That's going to be the key all year - perspective. Take what the lanes give you. Minimize mistakes and capitalize on opportunities. Time to bring my experience on tighter, tougher shots with me on Monday nights and show those who knew me last time around that I have really grown as a person and bowler.


Game 1

Score: 187
Pair: 21-22

Three opens, all 3-6 combo spares. I was off on my speed and got lucky a couple of times. I'm not pleased, though, that I was so bad off on my spares. I nosed the ball often because I was "helping the shot" and, instead, I just needed to "flow". That's a feel and mental thing that will take a little patience to get back. If I can stay in the fight without getting KO'd, I'm happy for now.

Game 2

Score: 181
Pair: 21-22

Much better game despite the score. I had only 2 opens - both were splits (a swish 7-10 that I came about 8 inches from making and a 4-7-10 that I made sure I covered the wood on). My non-strikes were all single pin spares including a couple of 10 pins. The ball was floating off my hand better, but if I got a little too much tilt and not enough revs (or got a little quick), I paid the price. That's ok, though.

Game 3

Score: 234
Pair: 21-22

Mucho better all around; speed, rhythm, consistency, ease of release. Everything seemed to come together this game - so much so that I hated to stop for the night. I wanted to just keep rolling the ball until my fingers and arm fell off just to maintain the feel. I was staying low, good leverage, good hit THROUGH the ball, not UP on the ball like the past 5 games (it makes all the difference when there's plenty of skid to go around). 7 strikes, 2 7 counts (a 2-4-5 that I threw straight at and a 3-6-10 that I *finally* pulled my head out of my ass on to cover), a stone 8 and a 10 pin. First clean game of the year.


Overall Stats

Games 3  
Average 200.7 200.7


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