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The shot's much tougher and tighter than last year and took all three games to get a good feel of me vs. the pattern. Overall, I had 6 opens. The night could've been much worse, but the most impressive thing about this series was the fact that I kept my composure all night long despite making horrible mistakes (sometimes dumb/duplicate mistakes). I'm proud of my head being on my shoulders all night long and not up my ass instead.


Game 1

Score: 169
Pair: 13-14

All over the lane. Trying to get a feel for the shot and to get myself back in gear all at the same time was like trying to get out of a car while speeding down the highway - quite painful and not always the best decision was made. Still, I had 2 opens all game. Tried to "fit" my shot to the lane. Could've been worse, really.

Game 2

Score: 186
Pair: 13-14

Should've been a clean game (3-10 split in the 10th), but still barely sniffing the head pin. Everything is wide and I'm thinking waaaaaay too much. Got to slow down the head so the rest of the body can slow down, too.

Game 3

Score: 147
Pair: 13-14

OMG, what a brutal game. I don't know which is more tired, my brain or my body, but I had enough energy in both to eek out a 500 series. Seriously all over the place and 3 opens all in a row. I tried to fit the ball too many times, kind of like aiming a pitch. I should've went with my body's pace and tried adjusting my line, but noooooooo. Ah, well, it's the first night, and looking around at the other scores, nobody else was really mowing them down, either, so I'm ok.


Overall Stats

Games 3  
Average 167.3 167.3


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