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rolled off on 6/1 for this because i was going to the pens game .... probably not a good idea to bowl 4 games in 40 mins on a pba pattern


Game 1

Score: 211
Pair: 15-16

i sanded up my zone a bit thinking it would help in transitioning the lens faster.. worked great the first game, only open was a chop of the 1-2-8

Game 2

Score: 143
Pair: 15-16

by far the worst game i bowled on shark... left a greek church, 1248, and a washout all that i missed... i screwed these lanes up by burning out a line that gave me no room to play

Game 3

Score: 159
Pair: 15-16

threw my Epic this game. It gave me a little more room. I did miss a few stupid spares though... one greek church and a washout were understandable, but fanning a 6 pin killed my chances of saving this game

Game 4

Score: 164
Pair: 15-16

again dumb opens, left a 2-7-8 3-9-10 and a 1-10 that i missed.... learned that the sanded zone was a bad idea... need to polish it up a bit to get it back to the coverstock it was at for next time i bowl on shark


Overall Stats

Games 4  
Average 169.3 169.3


Chris Marasti-Georg

2009/06/17 12:48 p.m.

The Cell and Cell Pearl should make a good pair on this pattern... might not even need to switch to the Pearl after only 4 games.

Lucky dog going to the Pens game... which one did you see?

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