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Bowler Profile

Name: Brandon Abenes
Hand: Right
USBC Number: 9005-18163





Columbia 300 - Rival

Drilling: Leverage
Surface: 4000 Sanded

Only Ball in aresnal that has pin down. One of my earliest rolling balls. Great on Medium oil when i need something that will hook a bit early.

Lane Masters - Terminator

Drilling: 5 X 5
Surface: OOB

Drilled to go long. Have a 5" Pin on this one. Great on Heavy to Medium condtion when i need some length but still has enoguh pop in backend to finish.

Roto-Grip - Cell

Drilling: 4 X 4
Surface: 1000

Agreesive Drill. Continous hooking action on Heavy Oil to Medium oily condtion.

Roto-Grip - Illusion

Drilling: 5 X 3
Surface: 2000 Polished

Ball gets through the heads easily. Great on Medium to light condtion when i need something that will go long.

Storm - Team Storm

Drilling: Label
Surface: Highly Polished

Spare Ball. My Go to ball on my spares. However, ball does have slight hook in it and able to use it when the lanes are on fire.

Columbia 300 - Resurgence (Retired)

Drilling: 4"
Surface: 1000 Sanded

My Go to ball - usually first ball out of my bag. When lanes are oily or need something that will straight out hook this ball fits the bill. Great on Heavy Oil Condtions to Medium. - Ball Died and lost its reaction, now retired to my garage.

Columbia 300 - Wrath Dead Flush (Retired)

Drilling: 4 X 5
Surface: 4000 Abralon Polish

Great Ball. Gets through the heads clean and great back end. Terrific Medium to Light Condtions. - Actual like this ball was good ball if you bowl second shift league or when lanes start to dry up, but this ball was stolen :(

Hammer - Cherry Vibe (Retired)

Drilling: 3"
Surface: 4000 Polished

Goes longer than any of my others ball and finishes strong. Great for Medium to Dry Lanes. - Gave this ball away because never use it and never saw dry condtion in my center. Only use it maybe 10 games or less.

Storm - Virtual Gravity (Retired)

Drilling: 4 X 4
Surface: 1000 Sanded

Great for Heavy Oil Condition, but found ball to very over/under in its reaction. Traded this ball with friend for his cell.