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Bowler Profile

Name: Big Red
Hand: Right


Brunswick - Zone Classic

Surface: Varies but usually sheen

This ball makes ugly dry conditions look like a walled up fresh house shot. Just have to find a line and keep firm.

Ebonite - V2

Drilling: Short pin drilled with extra hole above fingers to remove top weight
Surface: 800 polished

Another ball that can navigate pot hole conditions with 16 lbs of fury.

Storm - Virtual Gravity Nano

Drilling: low pin with low quadrant Xhole
Surface: Usually keep about 2000 but varies

Probably the most consistent look that will always find movement. Sometimes too much!

Track - 716T

Drilling: Pin left of middle finger with mb still right of thumb.
Surface: 500, 1000, 1500 Abralon Soft

Ball layout saves energy and lets the ball get down before ALWAYS making a strong move. Even with 1500 surface, most of the energy is expended at the pocket. KAPOW!

Track - 718A

Drilling: 55 degree layout, no xhole
Surface: 2000 polished

Sometimes first ball out if it has a good look in shadow practice. You can stay with it all night and just keep moving in the oil. Multiple 700's this season using mostly this ball in at least two of the games.

Track - 919C

Drilling: 55 degree with Xhole "Double Thumbed"

Surface seems to let this ball go long - react a little late before turning up the juice. So have to be careful when or how much speed to use.

Track - Desert Heat

Drilling: Drilled with stable core
Surface: 2000 polished

Sharp hooking ball in "desert" conditions. Zero flare (i like it like that).

Track - Inertia

Drilling: Pin above ring, Xhole mid-low quadrant
Surface: 1500 polished

Light load particle ball can make the big turn or go D&I. It is a true go to ball in anything but heavy heavy oil. Many practice 300's with this one -- nuttin santioned though.

Track - Power Machine

Drilling: 55 degree layout with xhole near mb
Surface: 2500 Abralon Soft

Just redrilled it from my own previous layout to experiment on grip. Ball still works great after 5 yrs. Big move off of any dry spot, even at 20mph.

Track - Robo Rule

Drilling: Pin above ring, Xhole lower quad
Surface: 800 and polished

Light particle load and core makes the ball roll and hit like a madhouse. Makes a gradual move but with a heavy roll in the last 15 feet.