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Name: PCassidy2011
Hand: Right





Brunswick - Alpha-Max INT

Drilling: Pin up super aggresive
Surface: OOB

DV8 - Hell Raiser

Drilling: Pin below ring MB kicked way out
Surface: 500, 1500, Factory finish polish

Redid the cover and skipped the rough buff and went straight to the polish, i am hopping to get a bone crushing experience once the lanes start to break down for our late shift/second set on Tuesday night

DV8 - Hell Raiser - REvenge

Drilling: Pin up MD at 45Degrees
Surface: OOB 500, 2000 SIAAIR

Love this ball for transition, has enough length and when it hits the dry it wakes up like a sleeping giant!!

DV8 - Hell Raiser - TERROR

Drilling: Pin above ring, MB out at 30
Surface: OOB

Ball seems to be a little weak to the pocket when its fresh. And at the same time a little to aggressive during transition, the jury is still out on it.

DV8 - Misfit

Drilling: Pin up to the right CG kicked way out
Surface: OOB

SUpper flippy and violent move to the left on dry. Actually have to polish it up a little to control it

DV8 - Reckless

Drilling: PIN up to the right, CG in palm for control
Surface: OOB

DV8 - Too Reckless

Drilling: PIN down beow ring CG stacked
Surface: Polish added

SUper early mover, with wicked action on the deck. PIN is only <2inches

Ebonite - Game On (Retired)