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Name: 6ballman
Hand: Right





Columbia 300 - Blue Dot

Drilling: label
Surface: highly shined

spare ball

Hammer - Onyx Vibe

Surface: It is dull now, but I am going to polish it back fits what I want it to do better in that condition

Hammer - Red - Urethane

Drilling: label
Surface: 2k+polish (finess)

intended for spares and dry

Other - Khameleon

Drilling: pin in the palm, balance hole small, deep, on the PAP
Surface: shined

The only ball released by Neo-Tac, the company that makes the ball cleaners. Out of the Brunswick factory, powerkoil 18 coverstock with a quantum core. I keep trying to retire this ball (it is 8 years old) but it keeps finding its way back into the bag

Roto-Grip - Infinite Theory

Drilling: close to leveraged, but not quite, no hole
Surface: knocked the box finish down to 2k and left it unpolished

Boy...this ball sure makes me stay under/behind it if I want any kind of reaction at all. LoL BUT if I do that it hits plenty!

Roto-Grip - Rogue Cell

Drilling: label
Surface: 1K dull

I put this away over the summer and took it back out after 1 week on the house shot... then...haven't used it much since.

Storm - Prodigy - pin down/dull

Drilling: pin down below ring
Surface: 1K dull

starts earlier than the pin up

Storm - Prodigy - pin up/polished

Drilling: pin up
Surface: polished

go longer, hit harder

Storm - Reign Of Fire

Surface: 1K dull


Track - 300T

Drilling: pin axis
Surface: box

hits hard, very predictable arc'er, the drilling starts it early but it doesn't flare much...I need to buy 10 of these and stick them in the closet for later