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Bowler Profile

Name: Aaron Sherman
Hand: Right



Elite - Blue Spare

Drilling: Default
Surface: OOB Polyester

My spare ball. Rolls straight, and that's what it's there for.

Hammer - Black Widow Solid

Drilling: Pin Over
Surface: 4000

My go-to ball for my house. Drilled default pin over fingers, skid/snap layout. Currently at 4000.

Hammer - The Big Deal

Drilling: Pin Under
Surface: 2000, Rough Buff

Ball for transition or a straighter approach. Hand me down, with pin under layout. Currently at 2000 with a Rough Buff.

Ebonite - Element Fire (Retired)

Drilling: Side Pin
Surface: 4000, Polished

My first ball. Side pin layout with balance hole on same horizontal line. Semi-retired.