Bowlers > bavant800

Bowler Profile

Name: bavant800
Hand: Right


Lane #1 - Starburst (XXXL)

Drilling: Pin-axis
Surface: 2000

For 10 pins and strikes on drier conditions (super ball).

Lane Masters - Hornet

Drilling: 65x4.50x35

Other - Element-AU79

Drilling: 45x5.00x28
Surface: 4000 abralon

Other - Element-AU79

Drilling: 132x2.25x30 (2.25 semi pin-axis)
Surface: 2000 abralon

Other - Higgs

Drilling: Rico
Surface: green pad

Other - High Energy

Drilling: CG-axis

Other - Judgement

Drilling: 55x4.25x25
Surface: OOB lite scuff of polish w/4000 abralon

Other - Thing Lives

Drilling: 45x4.50x65
Surface: 1000 abralon

Other - Vendetta (Solid Black)

Drilling: 60x5.125x35

Visionary - Ogre SS

Drilling: Three fingers (2.25 pin-axis / label-lev)
Surface: 2500 compound

For lite medium to dry THS or Sports. (always in bag)