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Bowler Profile

Name: double.wood.dan
Hand: Right



Roto-Grip - Cell

Surface: 500 sanded

First ball out of the bag. Need I say more.

Roto-Grip - Cell Pearl

Surface: 2000 polish

Roto-Grip - Mars

Surface: 4000 polish

Roto-Grip - Rogue Cell

Surface: 1500 sanded

Roto-Grip - Epic Odyssey (Retired)

Surface: Dull

Good for heavier oil.

Roto-Grip - Horizon (Retired)

Surface: Pearl

Sets up early and has a nice hook at the back.

Storm - Tropical Storm (Retired)

Drilled to go long and snap on the back end. Gets me out of a lot of difficult situations.

Visionary - Gargoyle (Retired)

Drilling: Pin under
Surface: Polyurethane

Drilled to go straight. Used mostly for spares, though I can hook it if the lanes get really burnt.