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Bowler Profile

Name: desertdog71
Hand: Right




Brunswick - Attitude II

Drilling: 3 3/8 PIn to PAP
Surface: Pearl 500 Abralon/Polish

Heavy Oil only

Brunswick - Groove-Urethane

Drilling: 12 o clock
Surface: Poished

It goes pretty straight

Brunswick - Power Groove Proactive

Drilling: Label drilled Pin at 11
Surface: Polished 2000 Abralon

Versatile and great playing outside lines or on the dry.

Brunswick - Power Groove Recative

Drilling: Pin over 1:30
Surface: 1000 Abralon Polished

Skid/Flippy its ok, on dry lanes.

Brunswick - Red Zone

Drilling: Length/Arc
Surface: 1000 Abralon Polished

Great on carrydown. This is my first ball out of the bag.

Brunswick - Target Zone

Drilling: Label
Surface: Polished