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Bowler Profile

Name: Joseph Alphin
Hand: Right




Brunswick - Rattler (14lb)

Surface: Factory Finish

Back up strike ball for dryer lanes. Spare ball when on fresh oil when pins are to the left of the headpin.

Brunswick - Viz-a-Ball (14lb)

Surface: Factory High Gloss

Spare ball for pins that are to the right of the headpin and dry lane strike ball.

Hammer - No Mercy (15lb)

Drilling: Finger Tip (Pin above Ring w/ Offset)
Surface: Out of Box

Was given to me as a trial ball. Got it plugged and re-drilled. Overly aggressive on dry lanes. Skids nicely on oil, and snaps back aggressively when it hits the dry.

Other - Linds House Ball (14lb) (Retired)

Other - Manhattan Rubber (14lb) (Retired)

Drilling: Medium
Surface: Factory Finish

Old School Ball