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Bowler Profile

Name: 10sixer
Hand: Right
USBC Number: 369-33990





Columbia 300 - Icon 300

Drilling: finger tips
Surface: Particle

This is one high roller! A top-of-its-game performer. Our fearless, new Icon300 puts on a stunning performance. It features our new MusclePlus coverstock with more teeth to bite through heavy oil. The MusclePlus incorporates a large, solid additive which creates a more porous shell. This coverstock gives the Icon300 the most hook of the Icon family and a strong continuous motion. The perfect family is now complete. Icon300---the perfect name for the perfect game!

Hammer - JigSaw

Drilling: 4 x 4 Strong Layout
Surface: Burst Reactive 5/4

16LBS Twist out Thumb Hole, I love it.......

Viz-A-Ball - wwf raw is war

Drilling: finger tip
Surface: plastic

14lbs spares only..

Brunswick - radical inferno (Retired)

Drilling: finger tip
Surface: octane coverstock

15lbs good for med lanes 500 & 1000 grit Abralon pads to create a dull, but very smooth surface finish.

Brunswick - rhino (Retired)

Drilling: finger tip
Surface: polly dull

16lbs good for dryer lanes