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Name: Justin Stein
Hand: Right


Brunswick - Spare Ball?

Surface: Shiny...very Shiny!

In all honesty I don't know the name of the ball itself and quite frankly I don't think it matters. Its a spare ball...that goes straight...unless the lanes are really dry, then I can actually use it as a strike ball, but that doesn't happen often.

Ebonite - Big One

Surface: Dull

My designated "will hook on anything" ball. When I dull it up to around 300 grit or so, it will hook on any condition and usually its my most consistent ball reaction wise. Usually if my X-Factor isn't working for some reason, I go to the Big One first.

Ebonite - Total NV

Surface: Shiny but sanded at 2000 grit

One of my more inconsistent balls and one that I don't use all too often as I really never know what its going to do. One time on one condition with some dry the thing will fly right out of my hand, but on oil it doesn't do anything whatsoever. Probably the weakest ball in my arsenal (other then my spare ball)

Hammer - Black Widow

Surface: Shiny

Its the ball I shot my one and only 300 with. I get it shined up so that it pushes far down the lane before snapping in, and even when it does snap, it isn't a crazy reaction. Its probably my "middle of the road" ball on the hooking scale of my arsenal.

Storm - X-Factor

Surface: Shiny

The "one" ball in my arsenal that always saves up its energy till the end and then snaps. Its probably the best set up ball that I have for the PBA conditions and definitely my most used ball. Though it is only 14 pounds while the rest of my balls (other then my spare ball) are all 15 pounds.