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Name: Bryan
Hand: Right
USBC Number: 2348-13329





Columbia 300 - Blue Dot

Surface: Polished

My Spare ball... nice and straight.

Hammer - The Sting

Surface: Dull, light polish

14 pounds. Not as long as the Action Packed/Venom. But quite a hooker in the back end. Average went up +15 pins/game after I got used to this one.

Hammer - Venom

Surface: Polished

15 pounds. Got this one to replace the Action Packed. Accidentally got it a pound heavier and struggled because of it. Going back to it now isn't as strange. Can't put the same amount of speed on it as the Sting.

Columbia 300 - Action Packed (Retired)

Surface: Polished

14 pounds. Goes very long... nice snap at the end.