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Bowler Profile

Name: Gregg Blakesley
Hand: Right





900 Global - The Bounty

Brunswick - Rattler

Medium Oil

Lane Masters - Sure Strike

Surface: Pearl

Drilled for dry lanes, and help on spares.

Legends - Black Pearl Reactive

Drilled to hook.

Roto-Grip - Cell

Surface: 800 grit

Not sure on the drilling just know it's 4x4, max hook. Dulled it to 800 grit to get better turn out of it, worked like a charm!

Roto-Grip - Epic Battle

Surface: 1000 grit wet sanded

Roto-Grip - Saturn

Surface: Polished

Polished it up for the nice gloss finish, hoping to use it on dry lanes. Wanted a bit more length out of it.

Viz-A-Ball - Globe

Surface: Plastic