Bowlers > Matt Kennedy > 2012 City Tournament > City Tourney- Singles (2012-02-19)



Game 1

Score: 144
Pair: 9-10

To many opens, not enough strikes, managed to go double in the 10th to make the score look a little more respectable. Made a ball switch about half way thru along with moving 6 boards right.

Game 2

Score: 184
Pair: 9-10

Ball change to open the 2nd game along with the board move from last game equalled a better result. Still not enough strikes but closed frames!

Game 3

Score: 185
Pair: 9-10

Same type of game as the 2nd. Was able to move to the left or some more hook but kept working that straighter line. Last 2 games made it over avg.


Overall Stats

Games 3  
Average 171 171


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