Bowlers > the_10_pin_sux > three point targeting (2011-09-11)


burnt house pattern
Had to wash the taste out of my mouth of last nights crumby series. Used Infinite inside the oil line to a breakpoint outside the oil...had a pretty good look too. Much more comfortable than the day before. The score machines are on during practice 'cause the hall demands it, but I pay them no mind. I could be throwing 10s and 7s from a full rack or doing other experimenting where scores wouldn't indicate success or failure. Three point targeting for me goes like this: Spot the breakpoint at the reflection of the bottom of the masking unit (approximately 40'), draw a line from there back throught the arrows, and finally to the dots 8' past the foul line. I do not golf anymore, but this feels for all the world like lining up a putt. A second of "quite eye" on that spot and stay focused on it until the ball is away...then follow its path to the pit. It is amazing how important these things are to my success and how easily I get distracted from doing them. I need to really drill this into a habit.



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