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Best series i have put together so far, but only won 2.5 games, and couldve easily bowled a 850 with a couple changes


Game 1

Score: 228
Pair: 7-8

As usual, i have an open in here too... Threw the Epic Saga all night... lanes seemed a bit drier. Pulled the ball at the beginning and threw a triple then got rewarded for a good ball with an 8-10. Was clean the rest of the way though

Game 2

Score: 216
Pair: 5-6

Ugly chop of the 3-6 kept the game from being higher, other than that though i threw the ball pretty well. Had a real nice line working for me too

Game 3

Score: 189
Pair: 3-4

Had to make a decent sized move this game, rather than throwing over 12 i was deeper. Opened in the first frame when i threw the ball out too far on ball 1 and wasnt ready for it to move so much on 2nd ball. Made a decent comeback during the mid game but threw the ball out in the 10th and chopped a 1-2-4 to tie my game. Sigh!

Game 4

Score: 181
Pair: 1-2

This pair was tough b/c of how the lanes broke down. Ball snapped too hard to play where i was before, but the carrydown made it hard for me to play deeper also. Left a few 7 pins before finally leaving a 5 7 and realizing it wasnt working... Missed a 10 pin later in the game, but that wasnt what made me lose. Had to beat a 195, so i think it was my reluctance to move more quickly.


Overall Stats

Games 4  
Average 203.5 203.5


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