Bowlers > Adam Reabe > PBA Experience > Week 1 Chameleon (2009-06-09)


New pattern - took a bit to learn how i need to attack this


Game 1

Score: 150
Pair: 1-2

Tried the sanded zone here, i really burned out the heads on this pair which not only hurt me but hurt some other people later on. Not sure what spares i missed but i really wasnt playing the right part of the lane at all... was near 3rd arrow which was too deep

Game 2

Score: 193
Pair: 3-4

switched to my cell pearl which seemed to read the lane a lot better. I liked the reaction i got and it gave me more room . Had to keep the ball slow enough, but otherwise was good

Game 3

Score: 174
Pair: 5-6

screwed up a few frames on this shot but i did have a nice read of the lanes. Was bowling tara and had a shot going into the tenth. Was throwing a couple shots too wide which i had to adjust for

Game 4

Score: 191
Pair: 1-2

Lost with a 191 to a guy who started with front 6. But a stupid 2 pin killed me, i had a chance at this game. Was in the pocket pretty well. Since i ripped the heads up on this pair earlier i had to switch to my Epic Saga and it rolled really nice.


Overall Stats

Games 4  
Average 177 177


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