Bowlers > Adam Reabe > PBA Experience > Week 1 - For 5.19.09 prebowled 5.12.09 (2009-05-19)


Lanes had about 3 games on them by the time I started. Was me, lefthander, and a righthanded female bowling on the lanes


Game 1

Score: 191
Pair: 15-16

Forgot to get detailed score printout
-- Started with Cell playing around 2nd arrow roughly - Missed a couple spares

Game 2

Score: 184
Pair: 15-16

Continued near 2nd with the Cell until i switched to the Epic and moved a bit deeper towards the end of this game, finished with the last 4 to finish at 184. Was playing from 3rd out to about 2.5 with the Epic

Game 3

Score: 235
Pair: 15-16

Continued here with the Epic playing the deeper inside line. Had to move a few boards left but the shot held up fairly well. Gave me a bit of room too as long as i didnt push it out too far.

Game 4

Score: 186
Pair: 15-16

Shot started to burn up, was coming in heavy. Realized at the very end I could have moved back out to 2nd arrow area with the Epic Saga


Overall Stats

Games 4  
Average 199 199


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